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Migraine Surgery

Migraine surgery is being used more frequently for severe, long term patients who do not respond to medical management. Dr. Totonchi trained as a resident and fellow under Dr. Bahman Guyuron who pioneered migraine surgery. Dr. Totonchi has participated in several migraine surgery research projects. There are four main trigger points for migraine headaches that can be treated with Botox® injection or by performing a minimally invasive surgery. When used, the effect of Botox® usually lasts for two to four months. Relief from Botox® injections is a good indicator that a patient may respond to surgical treatment as well. For more information from Dr. Totonchi regarding migraine treatment click here.

Transgender Surgery

Our surgeons provide female to male and male to female "top" surgery as well as facial recontouring.

Lower Extremity Salvage

The Division of Plastic Surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center also specializes in lower limb reconstruction. We employ the latest advanced techniques including microsurgical reconstructions, soft tissue flap reconstructions, burn reconstructions, bone grafting and treatment of complicated infections. Some of the most challenging advanced reconstructions occur after major injury or disease and involve multiple tissue types such as skin, tendon, bone and joint. We offer a multidisciplinary team approach and work closely with our orthopedic colleagues to manage limb threatening situations. In addition, we have excellent consulting services familiar with these types of reconstructions including infectious disease, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation services, and occupational and physical therapy.